The Expanding Lightweight Hose That Never Kinks

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XHose: The Expanding lightweight water hose that never kinks. This water hose is the world’s first and only SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT, ULTRA DURABLE, EXPANDING hose that is guaranteed to NEVER KINK, TWIST or TANGLE.

Sticky Buddy: The amazing Sticky Buddy picks up fabric lint like a magnet picks up metal. No more wasted money on disposable tape or paper rolls! Simply wash and reuse the Sticky Buddy again and again!!!

Clean Step: No more muddy mess in your house. Clean Step Mat absorbs mud like magic! Clean Step Mat, the super absorbent doormat traps dirt and water instantly, keeping floors clean and dry.

Magic Mesh: Magic Mesh door cover instantly opens and magically snaps closed behind you like magic. So you can still let fresh air in and keep annoying mosquitoes, bugs, flies out.

Wash-N-Bright Dishwasher: A must have for all homes; and even perfect for caterers that run events where washable plates are required.

AutoVent: This Solar Car Cooler safely and efficiently helps rid your parked vehicle of stale hot air on the hottest days, while your windows remain securely closed.

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X-Hose 25FT APPROX 7.62M GHS 185.00
X-Hose 50FT APPROX 12.24M GHS 215.00
X-Hose 75FT APPROX 22.86M GHS 295.00
X-Hose 100FT APPROX 38.48M GHS 360.00
Sticky Buddy Unit GHS 75.00
Clean Step Mat Unit GHS 160.00
Magic Mesh Fly Net Unit GHS 160.00
Solar Car Cooler Unit GHS 190.00
Manual Dish Washer Unit GHS 200.00


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